At CKC Farms we make cheese 3-4 times a week and pack fresh cheese daily to ensure optimal flavor. Our cheeses are made with organic vegetable rennet so they are vegetarian friendly and we also use organic ingredients whenever possible to enhance and compliment the flavor of our delicate cheeses. We make cheeses year round which allows us to showcase seasonal variations in the flavors of our cheeses. In colder weather the milk has a richer flavor resulting in a creamier thicker cheese and in warmer weather the milk is in abundance which gives the cheeses very light grassy notes. Please come and visit us at the Farmers Markets for yummy samples of our delicious products!

Chrissy Omo with brothers, Kenny and Connor
Farm Windmill
CKC Farms

Cheesemaking at CKC is a family affair with younger brothers, Kenny and Connor (the K and C of "CKC") chipping in and Mom and Dad giving their full support.